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Drink Information:

Dosage: 2000mg THC

Flavor: Grape Ape

Size: 16 FL OZ (48 Servings Per Container)

­čŹç Introducing Wocke Syrup By Onlypurp┬« - the ultimate choice for those seeking a potent and delicious THC experience, now available in Grape flavor. Crafted with precision and care, this Grape-flavored syrup boasts a formidable potency of 2000mg THC packed into a convenient 16 oz bottle.

­čŹë­čŹô Indulge in the rich, sweet taste of grape, blended seamlessly with refreshing hints of watermelon and strawberry, creating a flavor profile reminiscent of lemonade. Unlike traditional medicinal syrups, Wocke Syrup delivers a delightful taste experience that masks the cannabis flavor, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable consumption every time.

­čÜÇ Whether you're mixing it into your favorite beverage or enjoying it straight, Wocke Syrup delivers a consistent and reliable dose every time, ensuring you get the experience you desire.

­čŹ╣ Experience the power of high potency THC in a versatile and easy-to-use form, now with the irresistible taste of Grape infused with hints of watermelon and strawberry. Perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike, Wocke Syrup By Onlypurp┬« promises an unforgettable journey with every sip.

­čöą Elevate your THC experience with Wocke Syrup - where potency meets Grape flavor, brought to you exclusively by Onlypurp┬«

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